The Oral History of Twentieth Century Mongolia is an oral history project. Although most of what you will find on this site are written texts, they have their origins in interviews the team has conducted and recorded. To give an indication of the actual interviews, we are presenting here some excerpts - the list will grow with time! - that we find to be particularly interesting or revealing. At this point, since the interviews are in Mongolian, the excerpts are only in Mongolia.

If you wish to use these excerpts for any purpose, please contact us first.

Both of these excerpts are taken from the first part of a two part interview with a man talking about a wide variety of topics, including not only his first encounter with cars, but the hygiene campaigns of the mid-twentieth century, the introduction of vegetable, and more. You can read the interview, in either Mongolian or English by going to our sample interviews page and reading Part One of interview listed under The Body.

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