Chris Kaplonski

Christopher Kaplonski is Project Manager and webmaster for The Oral History of Twentieth Century Mongolia. As such, he is responsible for the day to day management and running of the project, as well as the implementation of the website.

Chris was one of the first American anthropologists to conduct fieldwork in post-socialist Mongolia, where he has been carrying out fieldwork since the ealry 1990s. He has spent several years teaching at the National University of Mongolia.

His current research project is focused on the show trials held in Mongolia in the 1930s, and examining the ways in which they were used to pave the way for the waves of destruction that swept Mongolia in the late 1930s. His other research interests include identity, nationalism, and the democratic revolution in Mongolia, notions of ‘political tradition’ and the socialist legacy of political repression.

He maintains a website dealing with Mongolia and anthropology, and apologizes for the less than ideal photo currently representing him...