Initiated and currently directed by Prof. Caroline Humphrey of Cambridge and Prof. Sh. Bira of IAMS, once the project shifts to full-scale status, it will be headed by Dr. David Sneath, of the University of Cambridge. Prof. Humphrey will consult as a Senior Advisor, as will Prof. Bira, who also oversees the Mongolian research team. We currently have two interviewers in Mongolia, D. Byambajav, and A. Oyuntungalag, but hope to be able to expand our staff with additional funding. Prof. Ishdorj conducted interviews in the past for us as well. Dr. Christopher Kaplonski, of the University of Cambridge is the Project Manager, and is responsible for the on-line database and overseeing the management of the research project as a whole. Libby Peachey, at the Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, University of Cambridge, provides vital administrative support.

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